[BUG] [LINUX] Locale Settings Break Game



when starting the game with a locale setting like LANG=de_DE.UTF-8 the Game breaks, e.g. the Autoclave does nothing; some options fail to parse and are ludicrous values; machine placement is off.

Setting LC_ALL=C is a workaround (but then I have to start from console)

Bought Game on GOG; runs fine otherwise


Hmm, I can’t work out why that would be. I’m afraid I’m not especially knowledgeable on the affect of changing locales. I know it’s a lot of work, but can you post some screenshots/videos to illustrate? I’m sure I could get to the bottom of it if I could truly understand the problem.


okay here you go; a screenshot and a video

video is at: dropbox.com/s/1le0i7a52jzfwpc/bug.mp4?dl=0


If you go to OPTIONS -> CONTROLS you’ll see that the sensitivity is out of range completly (overflowed).
You can fix it temporarily (until next start) by adjusting it again.

This overflow isn’t only related to the sensitivity, if you take a look at the image I attach here you’ll see at the background how the machines are actually costing 10 times more to operate.

Is kind of a weird bug because if you start a new game the costs are ok, but if you save it and load it again the costs will be 10 times more.
I though at first glance that may be related to how the .data files are beeing parsed and interpreted but that doesn’t explain why at a new game I get correct costs.

The LC_ALL=C doesn’t actually help here neither LC_ALL=en_GB, en_US or other locales.



Ah, I’m starting to understand. It is to do with how data is pulled from the disc. That explains both the settings data and the save game load/save.

This is a deep issue that will require lots of research and time to solve. Therefore I ask that you are patient with me. To give you an idea of timeframes it will likely be several days/a week before I get back to you.


Just to let you know, I’m having the same issues with:



OK this should be fixed as of v1.01.00. This is currently only live on Steam but other versions will follow later this week. Let me know if it fixes it, please.



Hello there Twicecircled.

Just to confirm you that (at least for me) is working everything.
I’ve checked for configuration options (sensitivity)
Costs of operating machines
Save files (save and load)
Autoclave (working as expected)

All working perfect.
Thank you very much for your efforts :smiley:


Any indication when it’ll be on the Humble Service? Its been a couple of days but they’ve still not updated yet.


I believe they are up now. Let me know if not.


Yep, as of about midnight in whatever timezone the time they show is. So about 2-3 days delay; something to bear in mind for the future I guess.