[BUG, Linux] Unable to load save games from large xfs part


When saving a game, I am told that the game has been saved to “$HOME/.local/share/Big\ Pharma/Saves”. However, when I try to load any saved game, not one saved game is displayed. The folder contains three save games:

$ ls $HOME/.local/share/Big\ Pharma/Saves
Beginner - Bottom line 1.png  Beginner - Bottom line 1.sav  Custom Game 1.png  Custom Game 1.sav  Custom Game 2.png  Custom Game 2.sav  global.data

“$HOME/.local/share/Big\ Pharma/Saves” is located on a large xfs partition with > 1 TB. When moving the folder to a smaller partition, everything works fine. This sounds very similar to the general issue described at steamcommunity.com/app/8930/dis … 1049361579.


Hmm, interesting, I appreciate your help in tracking the issue down. I wish that post went into a little more detail about the “specific definitions” that my 32bit application needs to be compiled with. I will make a note and try to track it down, but in the mean time will add this post to the common technical issues sticky so that others can take advantage of excellent research. :slight_smile:


just bought the game :smiley:

O_LARGEFILE (LFS) Allow files whose sizes cannot be represented in an off_t (but can be represented in an off64_t) to be opened. The _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE macro must be defined (before including any header files) in order to obtain this definition. Setting the _FILE_OFFSET_BITS feature test macro to 64 (rather than using O_LARGEFILE) is the preferred method of accessing large files on 32-bit systems (see feature_test_macros(7)).

also take a look at http://www.tcm.phy.cam.ac.uk/sw/inodes64.html which explains the problem a bit more detailed.


Thanks I’ll check it out!