Bug List/Balance General Feedback

Here’s a few minor bug I’ve encountered so far and some balance suggestions, trying to keep them productive and hope theyre not too ‘nit-picky’ in nature. Overall been having a great time playing the game so far!

UK term length is set to 4 years by default, the fixed term parliaments act set it as 5

No monarchy option at the start now? assuming this is coded to each nation now

Opening any UI element, policy, expenditure etc, changes the debt, income, expenditure figure to some sort of snapshot of a previous turn. This does reset to normal when you click off the policy or whatever you had clicked.

Doctors strikes + hospital overcrowding are very difficult to deal with? Health is on maximum, I have every negative immigration policy in place but the demand is just too great, private healthcare doesn’t seem to impact hospital overcrowding like state healthcare does, I’m fully funding state healthcare too.(which i want to transition away from slowly)

Trade Union Restrictions policy typo in flavour text ‘voteneeded’ (minimum policy level)

High GDP negatively effects the environment too much too quickly, even with a lot of environmentalist policies in place it seems to have little effect.

Cancelled my first policy (social care) and have a visual artifact of the political power circle surrounding the policy stuck in the top left of the screen). Believe this is on the bug tracker though

Fake News situation doesn’t display any effects?

59 percent of the vote counts as indifferent? according to my advisors

Armed Police should be a policy in the UK as standard (they’re in every force)

Rather funny bug? I just encountered: My minister for industries wants me to implement ‘Rare Earth Metal mining’ his sympathies are Capitalist and… Environmentalists?

Ban Animal testing - Currently no positives for not banning testing, should capitalists benefit slightly?

Handgun Laws should be renamed Firearms Laws, as they encompass more than handguns, handguns are outlawed in the UK (With a few exceptions) but firearms remain legal with a license. (sidenote, strict firearms laws should annoy farmers as they’re often essential to rural communities for pest control etc.so outlawing firearms would negatively effect their income, food prices and their opinion of the govt)

Body Cameras policy mentions that they have an effect on reducing corruption, this is not the case in the effects (though i realise this should only be a minor effect if any)

Game is too easy to pendulum swing votes in my favour, on regular difficulty i’m averaging 99 percent of the vote over 5 elections

Disease eradicated event has no effect on Health

I feel the events are being slightly less random than D3? getting some repetition, early on had some cool new events and dilemmas but these have faded with older ones im used to seeing from D3 repeating

Only a single crash in my time playing (alt-tabbing after about a 3.5hr sessions

Feels more balanced than D3

Good performance (on a fairly old laptop, yet to try on my gaming pc which will be significantly better)

Feel the game is definitely heading in the right direction

I have a bunch more feedback but feel i’ve said enough for now, i’ll post more later down the line

Thanks again for a great game, lot of fun

Hi, thanks for taking the time to leave feedback. TBH we are struggling to keep up with everyones replies!
The UK term length was wrong and is now fixed.
Glad to hear performance is good!
Bodycam corruption effect is now in.

Good point on handguns, will rename… interesting idea re:rural communities too, although we have separate hunting restrictions policy which maybe covers that area better. Might have to add a rural effect there

Re the schizophrenic minister, sounds like his capitalist urges to keep GDP up are overwhelming his environmental sensibilities… TBH we could probably be cleverer with the AI on choosing policies there…

Fake news has effects…but they are hidden :smiley:
Well spotted re:animal testing, thats definitely missing an effect on GDP.

Yup monarchy is not an option, but hard coded for each country now.

love this game :slight_smile:

version 108
line 74

I think this socialism - is incorrect

corrected line:


Wanted to respond to a couple of your notices:\

  1. Doctors’ strike is very annoying. Only way I can deal with it is basically eliminating labor laws to a minimum. It seems there needs to be a better correlation with health demand.

  2. I also noticed how much the environment tanked as GDP heated up. It takes a lot of political capital to get it back up with policies like banning all cars within the city for instance. It took me at least 1 election cycle I think.

Those policies almost don’t react when policy is set to 0 or 1.

Also there is some weirdly strong constant here.

I think someone close to center should be equally attentive to socialist/liberal and capitalist/conservative policies.
Now its very weird, that someone suddenly ignores all issues from other half of compass because they moved by millimetre on that compass.

Gender equality doesn’t boost egalitarian society situation.
By the was is it possible to filter policies, that are set at 0 or 1?
There is lots of small policies, that can be set to 1, because they don’t have negative effects except costs.

Are multipliers correct here?

Also income from some taxes are listed as normal percentage instead of multiplier.

Seems to work though, so its more of inconsistency.
I guess multiply income thing in policies file makes difference only if there is more than one income changing thing.

By the way is there even a thing, that affects education and technology simulation negatively?

How is policy popularity calculated?

Seems like popularity of this one should be 100% - no one dislikes it.

And this one should be 0%