[BUG] Lose Executives & Prevent Trials

I set two executives on a drug trial for a drug, which I then stopped producing and so I hit the X to remove the drug from my company tab before the trial finished. As a result the trial never completed, the execs did not come back, setting my total to 2 lower, and if I set 2 additional execs to a trial they make no progress on the trial or the trial gets to 100% but never finishes because the original trial never produces a finished trial message.

Hi Vaarel, I’ve done some testing at home and in my experimentation the trial seems to continue as normal even after you “forget” a product by pressing the X button.

While I agree this is probably not the correct behaviour (it should automatically cancel the trial) I cannot get any of your other symptoms to present. The permanent reduction in executives or the inability to complete additional trials.

During my experimentation, even though I had no way to monitor the trial’s progress, it completed as normal and then I got my executives back as normal.

Can you confirm you are on the latest version of the game, V1.07.03? You’ll find the version number in the top left of the main menu. There were some issues with the trials before but they should be fixed now.

Anyway, in the next update I will make it so that if you press X to get rid of a product, it will automatically cancel the trial. Hopefully that stops the other issues too, but as I could not reproduce them at my end I can’t say for sure.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. :slight_smile: