[Bug] Loss of ships and money in campaign

I was playing a campaign, designing a new fighter when I left for the campaign screen, I noticed that my money value and the value next to it was screwed up. It looked like it had a date or something in it (In a format like this: 5-12-10) or something like that. I figured it was nothing and I clicked the Turn button. Then I lost everything, my money value went down to zero, all my ships disappeared, and I even lost a planet that was not eligible to be attacked. Im not sure why this happened, nor what triggered it. I wasn’t even going to post this as I was trying a modded race, but I dont see how a modded race could cause that.

Another user has this. If you have the full debug log, could you send it to cliff@positech.co.uk. It’s here:

\my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles\campaignprogress\gamename\debug.txt

My current theory is that it must be something do with the cost of certain ships, somehow being negative, or their quantities somehow going negative. No other explanation is making sense to me. And I can’t replicate it myself, it seems to be very rare. I think the maintenance value gets screwed up first, which then has a follow-on effect.

Im sorry but I dont have the files. I just deleted and restarted the campaign :frowning: