[BUG][MAC] Socket not working


i’m running the version from GoG on a Mac (10.9.5) and recently run into the following issue playing one of the beginner-scenarios:

I had a working production line producing a migrane-drug and then decided to combine two lines with the drug packer into one export-socket. I’m a fan of pause-building so i paused the game and started rearreanging the lines. The previous pill printers at the end of the first line were moved, but some of the belt going into the socket stayed.
After connecting everything up these old belt-parts refused to work. The packages would move normally on the newly created belts but not on the old one. Rebuilding the belts didn’t help. The socket also didn’t change it’s picture to show it’s accepting products for export.
In the end, the only thing that helped was restarting the game - then reconnecting the socket and everything worked.

Actually i had this issue two times during the game, but not everytime, most of the time it works as expected.

Can you post a screenshot. I’m almost certain this was not a bug but was in fact a consequence of your belt layout not being 100% deterministic.

Did you have any redundant junctions (T-Belts) between your drug packers and the export socket?

Sadly i don’t have a screenshot. I will take one the next time i encounter this problem.

I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t related to t-junctions, i know that they can hamper the belt, but it was a single belt, no junctions.

Hmmm, odd. OK thanks.