[Bug - Major] Ship Design Switcharoo

  1. Start a new campaign (or possibly not I’m not sure).
  2. Create a nice cheap fighter design.
  3. Save the design.
  4. Buy several squadrons of your new design.
  5. Create a new design of expensive, powerful, super Cruiser.
  6. Save the design with the same name as the fighter design and overwrite.
  7. Observe that your fighter squadrons are now squadrons of 16 Cruisers (use autodeploy for battles).
  8. End turn and then conquer the galaxy (before the impending bug fix).

Note: This works with any design but fighters to cruisers is most exploiting. But don’t use it as it will screw up the whole online battle system.

PART 2 (Using _mk1 as the example name)

  1. Build a design of ship during a campaign with ‘_mk1’ at the end of its name.
  2. Open a different campaign (may also work within the same campaign…)
  3. Delete the ‘_mk1’ design.
  4. Design a ship with the same name but without the ‘_mk1’ at the end.
  5. Try to save the design, the game will complain and say it is renaming it with an ‘_mk2’ or other ‘_mk#’.
  6. Delete the design that the game renamed, remove the ‘_mk1’ or ‘_mk#’ from the name field at the top (and click away?) and try to save again.
  7. The game will now rename the design to ‘_mk1’ which matches your already existing design.
  8. Your ships of this design throughout all campaign saves will now be switcharooed.

Note: This whole same design name system is broken. I discovered the bug by mistake and it broke my campaign save permanently when the game somehow lost one of the designs that are supposed to save internally with the campaign.

I fixed my campaign save by messing around with the ship designs in the game files. I am of the impression that all ship designs that are built in a campaign game should be saved internally to the campaign (in the same way as captured ships). The game didn’t do this for one of my fighter designs that I deleted, crashing the game and breaking the save. This seems to be related to this bug: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=5605
If I delete a design, the campaign game will normally retain it. If I then go to the battle/survival section of the game and delete the design from the fleet deployment screen, that campaign save (and all using that design) will become broken.

I suspect the same will occur if you delete a ship design from one campaign that is being used in another campaign - the other campaign will become broken (untested).