[Bug] Market saturation errors

So I was making a treatment for irritable bowl syndrome and I noticed something odd happen

This doesn’t make much sense. I am making the only male contraceptive and I am producing 10 a month, not nearly enough to crash the market that hard. On top of it the net demand is at -75% the value is at -695, which also doesn’t make any sense. On a side note, I am not sure if the IBS treatment is supposed to be that valuable either. Then it got weirder

I do not think that is supposed to happen.

On a side note I started this game before the patches, but I have since continued it.

further inspection reveals that the steady drop portion of the graph was pre-patch and the sharp drop was post patch. it may be reasonable to simply bottom out the net demand at 0% and sufferers at 0, once it goes any lower it gets nonsensical. perhaps a system that makes it so it no longer counts as a treatment if you sell a drug with 0 sufferers. Anyway the root of the problem seems to be the ability to run the net demand and the number of sufferers past zero. Making a subset of the population "unable to be permanently cured may also work.

just some ore images of what happens around the zero sufferers mark. note how much money the company has (I think there may be an integer rollover there)

I’ve seen this issue as well. I made a save of the game where it happened. Is there anywhere to send it to?

Store it somewhere it can be downloaded from and include a link here in the forums, or send it as an attachment in an email (gotten from one of the userid’s on the forums for the developers).

I’m aware of this issue but I’ve been leaving it on the backburner while I concentrated on things that were higher priority.

This should be relatively easy to fix, I’ll take a look in the next update. For the record, this is still an outstanding issue as of v0.42.00.