[Bug] Max speed error

I got a strange bug!

As you can see, I have only swap the position of two modules and got two different “max speed” displayed. (In game they have exactly the same speed)
One module is the “Supercharged thruster”, the second is my “Subspace generator spé thruster”.
I think it’ because my special module is a modded thruster with stack penalty.

P.S; the strange colour are from the BMP => JPG conversion

You are probably right. I know the stacking penalty has been a topic of discussion in several mods (usually as regards shields), particularly when talking about using multiple modules of the same type with different stacking penalties and how those get applied.

that is definitely one of the more interesting ones though. “If we install the engine here instead of over there, looks like the ship will be almost three times as fast.”

I got the same “problem” with armour and shield.
It’s only a visual one!
In battle, all modules work with the good stack penalty and value.