BUG - Ministers Always the Same

I’ve been playing a fair bit this past weekend, and I’ve noticed that the Ministers in my games are always exactly the same. They’re the same portraits, same Political Capital, Ministers of the same Departments, with the same statistics, in the same order. This has been the same across no less than 6 USA playthrus, as well as a UK and Canada playthru.

EDIT: I just noticed that all the Ministers I can choose from are also always the same. I have an overwhelming majority of Ministers with sympathies for Capitalists and Liberals with a small minority of Ministers who sympathize with Socialists and Conservatives. So, I can really only play a Liberal Capitalist or Socialist playthru, and to play Socialist requires a cabinet reshuffle.

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Ministers would be different each game if you select the ‘randomize start’ option in the options screen. Ministers are generated from existing voters, so over time, if you skew society contain more of a specific group, then you will find more ministers show up with sympathies towards that group.

edit: also this is much improved in the new update released today (1.132)

Do you feel that enough changes have been made to make them feel unique?

Yes, I do.

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There’s more icons and the experience between the ministers differs, so I’d say that this post is very outdated.

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