[Bug] Missiles go under ships

The title says it all. Cliff, didn’t you say you made the missiles go above ships in an earlier patch?

As I recall they go above the ship that launched them, not above all ships.

I know, they go under the parent ship as well. I don’t understand why this is happening when you said it was fixed. Is this happening to anyone else?

Having just checked, I can confirm that the missiles coming out of my Federation missile cruiser do in fact travel below it when fired. The missiles are only visible once they clear the ship.

yay, it’s not just me xD

yeah also happens to me routinely, alltho i never really cared about it :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe not you, but it looks WAAAY too strange for me.

okay, something must be wrong with my game. just now, an enemy EMP Missile was on top of my ship, rather than below it, before hitting it. is THIS intended?

I forgot how I coded this.
It might be that the game is maxxed out. Basically all missiles used to get drawn together, as a speedup, and thus got drawn under all ships. Then I fixed this cunningly so they emerged from the launchers.
They only do this if you are looking at them (its like quantum mechanics!) and only if there is sufficient ‘headroom’ in the engine. In other words, if the engine is pushed to the max to maintain 60 FPS< it won’t waste time on niceities like managing missile height positions because it makes the game very slightly slower.
Most of the time this isn’t an issue, but with big battles, or lots of fighters with running lights, or with a low-spec PC or a huge resoltuion, this can occur.
I suspect that is it?

this happens on EVERY mission, including the tutorial, which is the smallest map. and even with the Frigate vs. Frigate challenges! The enemy EMP missile only went over my ship once. I’ll load a ship all with missiles and watch how it fares in the tutorial.

EDIT: Okay, I can now safely guarantee that bit of code is in my game xD

I loaded a cruiser full of Megaton Missiles on all hardpoints on the tutorial mission, and all missiles went above the cruiser. :smiley: