[BUG] Native Species Extinct Event

Hi there!

I encountered a crash while playing the 1.09 update.
So I looked at the debug info and found that it crashed while trying to load the Native Species Extinct event.
Then I took a look inside nativespeciesextinct.txt ant noticed that there are a couple of rogue ) on the OnImplement line:
CreateGrudge(nativespeciesextinct,-0.9,0.83); CreateGrudge(Environmentalist),0.2,0.83);CreateGrudge(Environmentalist_freq),0.12,0.83);
After Environmentalist and Environmentalist_freq, I removed those and got it working again.

Cheers! : )

PS: I think the formulas are a bit off on that one…
I don’t think this event would make Environmentalists happy. It should be -20%, no?

@cliffski was rebalancing all events, so maybe spotted errors like this one too.

He didn’t…so thanks for spotting it :smiley:

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This event is now gone?