[BUG] No Tribe engine glow

When the battle starts when using the tribe or batting the tribe, they are no engine glows! Even if they have engines, still the same.
Pic Below.

Somehow you don’t have all the right files, as this was recently improved and got new files. A complete reinstall from the original download link should fix it.

Thanks Cliff! :slight_smile: I should have done that in the first place.

I had this problem for a few days, but it was for every race. There was no engine glow. I saw this thread and so uninstalled and reinstalled my game. Now every race has its engine glow except for Tribe. This is frustrating.

Try to redownload from the original download link, that worked for me.

Well, that would be Steam for me. All you can really do on steam is ‘Delete Local Content’ then ‘Install’.

Looks like reinstalling doesn’t fix it for me. I bought it through Impulse. I removed the game, deleted the files in Program files and I still don’t have engine glow for Tribe. Not sure about others. I know it’s there for Federation though, Imperials, and Rebels too. So far I’ve only noticed it missing for Tribe. Maybe Impulse has something missing??

Hello, I have the same bug.
Recently buyed The Tribe DLC from Steam. No tribe engine glow for me.

I TRIED reinstaling the game, deleted the game from steam, downloaded again Still, no engine glow, so don’t say - reinstal game. I does not work.

And seeing the previous user also has the same problem, and still no answer is a very troubling thing. I was also thinking of buying the Order DLC, but at current situation with bugs left unresolved, thats a no-go for me. I do hope for fast solution. Until then - see you in challenges :slight_smile:

does everyone with this issue have a copy of the tribe expansion from steam?
What version of the game does everyone have?

edit: I know what this is. I’ll sort it out. Steam has a slightly older copy of the tribe, and the newer, fancier engine glows are thus not showing (and the base game ignores the data for the older engine glows).
editedit|: it’s not that. I’ve just worked out how this happens.
People have bought version 1.35, and thus never patched to it. Thus, I need to do a little tribe mini-patch thing…

Can people try installing this? (make sure you point it at the right installation directory)

positech.co.uk/gratuitousspa … Update.exe

Hey, that did the trick for me. Thanks so much!

Thanks for the quick update. Now I have engine glows. Yay.
But…there is always a but.
Now all the tribe ships don’t have names.
See the screenshots bellow.

Also I’m not sure if it is a bug but after a win or loss you get a little dialog box which congratulates you about the battle. All races have different things to say . Rebels - “This is a victory for small man…” etc.
But my Tribe dialog boxes says Alliance stuff “Six legs always…” Should they be saying , like , hippie stuff ?

well the tribe just says alliance stuff, it’s not a bug, it’s just something cliff forgot to do, but the no-name thing? hmm… i think you’re missing a text file. the race file says this:

defaultnames = tribalnames

i think you’re missing tribalnames.txt somehow. i dunno, i’m just guessing. a solution to this, if you don’t want real tribal names, is to switch that to this:

defaultnames = gratuitous

or something like that. if it still doesn’t work, switch it back to tribalnames and wait for cliff to answer this question.

hah, something strange has happened. I just started the game and everything is OK, the names are there, and tribesman says tribe stuff. I haven’t touched anything, just played yesterday with no names, now I start the game and all works fine.

Thanks for the help, now let the laser blasting continues

oh well that’s good to know :slight_smile: