[bug] nomad fighter docking

This is very strange. I noticed a wierd light circling my Nomad carrier when one of my fighters went in to dock. When my fleet won and all my fighters docked, this happened:


It seems that the game is still rendering the engine glow for nomad fighters even when they are docked for repairs. Since I’ve never really noticed this before and I use lots of fighters when playing all races, I’m assuming this is just a Nomad issue. If this helps, I was just using one carrier and always use the carrier bay (reinforced). I was also using only the Awazem fighter hull in this scenario and using the Hajaya cruiser for my carrier. When docked, my fighters are still safe from attack and repair properly-this appears just to be a cosmetic issue.

As far as bugs go, it’s certainly not a show-stopper but still looks odd.