Bug on my game?


I’m from Barcelona, Spain. I bought Democracy game a days ago in a games store.

I can play normally, but I cannot save my game. When I do save game, i can never see the saved game at Load Game’s screen.
I cannot found also a savegame file on c:/Program Files/Democracy

I cannot found ever the “auto-update” function.

Can you help me?


PD: According the readme.txt on my game, it is Version: 1.0.1

I am also having trouble loading a saved game. I’m running the mac version, which is no doubt part of the probelm.

Is this a general problem or did I save the game wrong?

For the Mac version, we’ve just about finished an update that should solve the saving problems. Contact us off list by email at support - at - redmarblegames - dot - com and we’ll get the new version out to you.

I have the PC version and I also cannot save my game, nor do I see an update function. I purchased Democracy, Kudos, and Kudos Rock Legend through ArcadeTown. On the Kudos games, I can save my games, but I have no update ability.

is this under windows XP or Vista and are you running as the PC administrator? It’s possible that Democracy may be having problems with permissions writing out the save game if you are running as a ‘limited user’. You could try reinstalling the game inside your ‘mydocuments’ directory, which it should be able to write to ok.