[Bug] Panning during battle

I’ve found that occasionally, when attempting to pan with the mouse, GSB will simply not pan at all. Furthermore, when panning to the left/upwards, I’ve noticed a screen tearing/artifact type effect on the opposite side of the screen (I’m not entirely sure whether this last one is a bug or not though).

Specs: Intel Quad Core 2.66Ghz 4GB of RAM, Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT 2GB of Video RAM.

BTW: I love the game, don’t let my to the point method of writing confuse you otherwise :D.

I can confirm both the bottom-right side screen tearing and panning bugs. Ive tried to find ways to reproduce the panning bug, but cant find a reliable way to do so. It sometimes also doesnt pan when using the arrow keys on the keyboard and the only way to induce panning is by clicking with the mouse and dragging the screen across.

I’ve had panning problems as well, I end up spam-pressing “down” until it kicks in

Interesting. If it happens again hit print screen, and send me a screenshot :smiley:

I’m not sure about the tearing issues but I’ve definitely had the unresponsive panning problem myself. Often what I do is click my mouse once anywhere in the open space and then the mouse and/or keys allow me to pan then. Usually before I do that at a start of battle it doesn’t pan.

Sure I’ll just send you a sceenshot of the map not panning.

oh wait…


is this panning-by-keyboard? if that’s the case, just keep holding down the key - i’ve had that issue since 1.01 … it’s like the viewpoint centre is offscreen, but the display code clips it to the screen. the panning code though has no limits.

to replicate - using the arrow keys, pan the viewpoint up to the side of the screen. keep the key held down after it stops moving. the amount of time you keep the key held down is how long you’ll need to hold the opposite direction down to make it move again.

and mouse-panning can cause this ‘delay’ in keyboard panning too

Pics of weird artifacts when panning upwards/left:


O.o I had that same issue, but then I turned camera motion blur off in the options and it stopped, are we sure this is a bug and not a feature?

I understand what you mean now, thanks. I’m fixing it now (will be fixed in 1.08)

I’m still suffering from both bugs (v1.10). Any update on the bugs being fixed?

I haven’t got around to fixing the blur stuff, which will be tricky, but the scrolling not working should definitely definitely be fixed now. The only reason you wouldn’t be able to use arrow scrolling now would be if your cursor is also at the edge, and thus the two mechanisms fight against each other.

Ah… Well it isn’t the arrow panning that seems to not be working atm (that is working perfectly as far as I can tell), but the pointer (to the edge of the screen) scrolling doesn’t seem to work UNTIL the screen has either been panned via arrows or via lift-click drag.

Furthermore, something I just noticed then - if you speed up the battle to 4x the regular speed and then left-click on a ship, the game seems to treat any further pointer movements as if you were still holding down the left mouse button.

Anyway, it is astonishing the rapid rate of fixing of the community found bugs Cliffski, and I would like to extend my gratitude: Thank you for your tireless work on GSB.

Afraid I have to advise that I’ve had issues trying to mouse pan with 1.10 and have had to revert back to keyboard to get it working.