[Bug] Pill printer cycling


Today I discovered a bug in my line with the upper pill printer in the video below. As you can see the ingredients dont immediately enter it after the door opens causing it to miss a cycle.


Hope this helps!

Confirming that I see this sometimes. You can work-around it by deleting both belts in front of the pill printers, letting both cycles finish and then re-connecting them all. When the pill printers operate in synch, this doesn’t happen.

Miss a cycle? Everything that went into those two printers was processed - Only thing I saw was a purely visual bug.

What I find a little bit odd is that the cycle is not set to use one step for everything.
This shows, that the cash gained loses sometimes and soon after that gains again.
This seems to be linked to components that are not in the same cycle sync.
Maybe this has to be the way it is, but if it could be synced it would be superior.
Or does that make me a little bit autistic? :slight_smile:

I have had this happen a few time as well. Deleting and re-adding the belts seems to fix it for me. I’ll try to pay better attention to details next time it happens and repot back.

I can confirm that that is not the intended behaviour however I’m not sure whether I will be able to improve it. For the most part the systems that govern drug movement are perfect but when it comes to T-Junctions there are some subtleties that required little hacks to make them work right. These hacks mean that is edge cases such as this sometimes the behaviour is not perfect. For this reason it might not be possible to improve things beyond their current stage.