[BUG?] Popularity went from 77% to 2% With No Understandable Reason

Lets see how approval rate calculated (I suggested weighted average, adjusted by electioneering stuff), popularity should be simple average of approval rates.

Approval rate is scaled from 0 to 1, there is 1.06%, or 0.0106
To make it -1 to 1 we need to double and then subtract 1 - its -0.9788
Clearly voter approval is not average, while it should be.
Currently its partially normalized value - good thing for most of things.
Membership/opinion stats:
1, -0.16
1, -0.09
0.98, -0.36
0.89, -0.89
0.85, -0.13
0.85, 0.04
0.63, -0.96
0.59, -0,34
0.53, 0.18
Electioneering stuff doesn’t influence this voter.
Weighted average: Sum of memberships*opinions/Sum of memberships.
-1.746627/7.32 = -0.23861
Scaling back to 0 - 1: 38.07 approval rate.

This voter dislikes you for various reasons, but hates you as commuter and motorist.
End result should be bit stronger dislike nor outright hate.
For terrorist stuff even voter who loves you, but hates you as one of voter groups should at least have chance joining peaceful protests group - single issue voters are a thing in reality. Especially if you have fake news and polarization active.
Voter is 1/2000 of population, that can vote.
Probably some countries would need bigger or smaller latent distrust in government as country grudge, making more likely for voters to join certain pressure groups.
Also pressure group should ask you to minimize/maximize happiness impact of most hated/loved policies, if such change is possible.

Without averaging its too easy to reach 100% popularity.