[BUG] Portrait resolutions

Hello all,

First of all, Cliff, thank you for this great game. I played it (well, tried mission 1 and failed) on my Acer Aspire One netbook (plugged in an external monitor and playing at minimal 1024x768) and was quite impressed with graphics fluidity and general performance during the battle.

So, I have had one performance issue worth mentioning and I observed some strange options for graphics settings. The performance issue has to do with the framerate dropping significantly when increasing the game speed beyond 1.0 (using patch 1.3). This has been reported in another thread by multiple people already, but I thought I’d add my own experience.

The strange setting is that the resolution drop box in the Options dialog offers me the choice of the portrait resolutions that my GPU and screen support. These resolutions are useful when swivelling the screen on its narrow side. However, system requirements include having screen width of 1024 pixels and height of 768 pixels. This constraint is not satisfied by many such portrait resolutions (600x800 is listed, as 768x1024, 900xsomething, and so on).

To conclude, thank you again, and were you still thinking about a little interface kludge of some sort for us netbookers with dwarvish screen resolution (1024x600)? :slight_smile: