[BUG] Problem with socket


One of my product won’t enter socket to exit. I know the belts are not the problem, because I tried an other socket with “socket to socket”, and it works, even though when I connect the belt to an other socket to exit, same problem. Also, there’s a bug with the text showing the product’s name. You can see 4 catalyst icons that aren’t supposed to be there. Maybe this has something to do with the pills not exiting through the socket?
Here’s 2 screenshots :

What do you guys think?

Thank you! Love the game by the way!

Hi there, thanks for letting me know. This was introduced in the recent v1.07.09 patch. The good news is that I have now fixed it in the v1.07.10 patch. :slight_smile:

Sorry for any inconvenience caused,


Great! Thanks!