[Bug/Question] 2x cure drug mechanics / cure rating

I’ve produced a drug with 2x of the same cure, at the same strength, and no side effects.
When I look at the cure rating, it shows 2 entries corresponding to the two cures, but one always has a lower cure rating and my final rating is lower as a result. Is this cosmetic or intended, or an actual bug? It doesn’t quite make sense to me.

Thank you.

Really enjoying this game!

Reminds me of this post, where user had 4 of same ingredient and only the last was affecting the # treated (and Cure rating).


It seems Tim (Dev) was debating whether this was a bug or a quirk of the game and how to address it - see his reply in the post.
I think you are describing similar situation.

Ah ok thanks, I missed that thread thanks for that.

Yes indeed. I’ll be completely honest with you. Some of the suggestions in that other thread are totally valid and I think there are better ways to handle this. However, in the approach to launch I had to focus on the things that would make the most difference to the main gameplay, and this is an edge-case at most. I do intend to fix this at some point, when it reaches the top of the priority list.