[Bug] Remnant Fleets


When emptying a fleet of all its ships there will sometimes be a white box fleet left behind.

It can’t be moved (shows message that ships in the fleet can’t go to the destination).
The fleet can defend a planet but loses immediately and the battle can only be started with auto-deploy.
The fleet can be eaten by drag dropping another fleet on top of it.
The fleet info screen can’t be opened so ships cannot be built into it or dragged into it.



Nice debugging - I ran into that problem but had no idea how to recreate it. Not sure I got there the way you describe but I’m sure that’s enough data for cliffski to take a stab at it!! :slight_smile:


I can’t reproduce this, is it with version 1.48? How do you empty the fleet in such a way as to trigger the bug?


Reproduction sequence identified:

  1. Open a fleet window.
  2. Drag out one ship to create a new fleet.
  3. Drag another ship into the newly created fleet.
  4. Hold Ctrl and select both ships.
  5. Still holding control, drag both ships out of the newly created fleet and into an already existing fleet (such as the fleet from step 1).
  6. Observe that the newly created fleet hasn’t been deleted, even though it is now empty.
  7. Observe that you can repopulate the now empty fleet, as long as you don’t close the fleet’s window.
  8. Upon creating another new fleet in the system, the icon for the empty fleet will become blank.

Excellent reproduction steps, no wonder I couldn’t do it. I can see it go wrong now :smiley:


…and fixed! (in next build)