Bug Report: Can pass the same policy multiple times (via cabinet request)

Just found a bug - when a cabinet minister asked me to pass Compulsory Foreign Language Classes I did so, returned to the Quarterly Report, clicked on it again, and it allowed me to return to the policy and re-implement it, this cycle can be repeated draining the Political Capital for the turn ( :frowning: ).

Best fix would be to ideally remove it from the report once completed? Or just have the click-through become inactive after a check to see if the policy was implemented. Or better still - when you click to the quarterly report, it runs a quick check and changes to a thank you note from your minister if you’ve enacted the policy?

(on this note, promises being within the term, rather than that quarter, would be helpful - perhaps a mix % of each?)

Yikes. I didnt realize that was not getting removed…I will fix… Thanks for reporting it