Bug Report Guideline

So before you actually post a Bug Report…

  1. Check for the latest available update and also read the currently fixed issues thread to find out if your Bug has been fixed already.

Latest Game Version
Current fixes (pending next build)

  1. If not, use the Search Tool and to find out if your Bug has been reported already.

It makes it only harder for the developers to sort out bugs if there are multiple duplicate reports.

  1. If you think there is no Report for the Bug you experienced then please get as much information about the bug as possible:
  • Error Files as attachment (They can be found under “\Documents\My Games\productionline\debug”)
  • Savegame (favorably in a zipped state; they can be found under “\Documents\My Games\productionline\savegames”)
  • Screenshots (Optional where applicable)
  • Other descrptions and things that may be helpful to reproduce the bug
  1. When you finally decide to create a new Bug Report thread please put into the Thread title the following format:
[Bug <game version>] <Your title describing the bug report>

If you are unsure then just have a look at how other Bug Report Thread titles look like and please be fair enough to adapt to the format.

If you want to post a Balance Change then tag it like so:

[Balancing <game version>] <Your Title describing the balance Change>

If you want to post suggestions please use the Suggestions Board.