Bug Report: Save game time stamps

They seem to be reported on the load game screen as GMT. I think for most players it would probably make more sense to report them as local time.

Here you can see an example of the bug. I have a background script that I run to rename the autosave (timestamping) them and prune the excess ones that don’t fit on the screen to overflow directory. Anyway, you see the difference between my timestamps and yours by -4 hours.

Hi, AFAIk it is using local time. the code in question uses windows own local time stuff:

char datebuffer[128]; SYSTEMTIME time; GetLocalTime(&time); sprintf_s(datebuffer,128,"%d/%d/%d (DD-MM-YYYY) - %d:%d",time.wDay,time.wMonth,time.wYear,time.wHour,time.wMinute); SaveKeyValue("date",datebuffer);

Is anyone else seeing this?