Bug reports, improvements, suggestion

It’s been a very long time since I posted on these forums and I’m glad to see that my old account still works. :slight_smile: Anyway, let’s get down to business.

I did a quick scratch to the game and menus mostly and here’s what I came up in a somewhat chronological order. The markings in indents have been made later along the timeline. As I said this indeed is just a very quick scratch which I did over two late nights of short playing sessions.

Yes some of these bugs or suggestions have been listed already and have been fixed but I’ll keep them here just for the sake of it.

The list:

-You can’t cancel the tutorial once you go in the Battle Browser view. It might be better if the game gave you button to “skip tutorial” and a tick box “don’t show this tutorial anymore.” I tried to get back so I could find a place where to insert my product key. (See the picture filesmelt.com/dl/Tutorial_bug_01.png.)

-In other news… I think the game doesn’t ask for the product key at all! This is very big issue!

-Later discoveries prove me wrong. The game just doesn't ask for the serial code immediatelly like all the other games.

-The tutorial windows aren’t movable. Not a big deal but sometimes you may want to have a better look at the things the tutorial is talking about. (See the picture filesmelt.com/dl/Tutorial_bug_05.png.)

-The X at the top left corner is a bit weird. I was expecting the usual “apply/save” and “cancel” buttons but instead the apply button appears only at certain times and the “back” button is at the top right corner. Thankfully I didn’t have my fraps running because I was just going to input the product key the game never asked for. What I mean is that I usually keep my fraps running at top left corner because in most games that corner is left quite empty. Now the frame numbers cover the X pretty nicely and I might have not seen it in a while if I had my fraps running in the beginning on the first run.
You may want to point this out in a tutorial when person gets in options or campaign screen. Just a single time separate tutorial before other tutorials.

-Missing gamma adjustment slider.

-Missing customizable buttons!

-Full stop missing (aka dot) (See pictures filesmelt.com/dl/Tutorial_bug_04.png.)

-Alt+Tabing during unit design tutorial at the moment it starts talking about colouring your units crashes / freezes the game so that music keeps playing but the screen is black. This could have something to do with my previous alt+tabs too which triggered the crash. Memory leak? (Uninstall and reinstall the game didn’t reset the tutorial status. After uninstalling manually delete all the markings from my registry related to the game did nothing. I used search word “gratuitous.”)

-Further test result in constant crashes/freezes during unit designing when the customize button has been pressed.

-Even further accidental tests proove that the game doesn't crash only in unit design but also in main menu if you just alt+tab for too long. However unit design after pressing customize button crashes the game immediatelly. This isn't the case with main menu.

-I discovered that the game saves some files to my documents. This way I could reset 	my tutorial status. Never mind then.

-And as it crashed the tutorial was over and its state wasn’t saved. You may want to add a flag which finished tutorial triggers so if this kind of unexpected crash happens, the tutorial won’t be over but start from the beginning (here’s where those “skip tutorial” buttons are important.) so you can catch up with the things you missed because of the crash.

-Alt+tabbing doesn’t mute game sounds. This is an useful feature in all games, this should be in GTB too.

-The sound when you pick up an augmentation sounds like the game says: “Error.” or it feels like “It pushes me away.” The downwards behaviour of the sound clip makes it sound like that. I would have expected that sound to play when I try to drop the augmentation into a wrong slot or somewhere on the screen other than the augmentation slot. (On the another note, I really like the sound chosen for equipment when you pick them up. That sounds really good.)

-The “load” window should have same kind of tree structure as the “change hull” window has. This way it would be a lot easier to find correct unit and design of it very fast. Now everything is just throw together on the same list. Good luck identifying to what file each filename actually refers to.

-“Computerised targeting system” says it increases the gun accuracy but it doesn’t say clearly how much it increases the accuracy. Does the effect mean it increases the accuracy by 100% meaning that there’s 0 spread now? I presume this is the case.

-The color change could be shown on the “design” side too. Makes it more fun to look at your creation that way.

-You may want to move the “Top Secret” image a bit farther up in the manual so the last line of the table of contents comes on the same page as rest of the lines instead of going on the new page as one line. (Even though it doesn’t bother there because it says “Good luck soldier.”)

-“9 Editing maps” title is on the other page whereas the text itself is on the other.

-“Rotations: These turn the current emplacement through 90 degrees in either direction. They are used for bunkers and for paths. You shouldn’t have any need to use them for trenches.???” Why there are red question marks in the end? Is the text not correct anymore?

-“10Recordings” There is a space between 10 and recordings because you get it when you copy paste the text but on the manual you cannot see the space there.

-There needs to be undo and redo buttons with the customize option so you can revert back to the previous color and all the way back to first colors you used, or go forward to more recent colors you used. It is very frustrating when you have carefully designed your color theme and have been searching for the colors forever and when you finally find them and are about to save, you misclick and the color is gone and you can’t get it back without a lot of work and thinking what exactly was it.

Maybe even include RGB numerical values which you can input manually. This way it is also easier to screenshot the colors and use them for other units.

-Player should be able to choose which color they want to replace in the “player color” area because there could be colors later in the list which they want to keep and replace some of the earlier ones.

-An ability to hold down your left mouse button and slide your mouse over available colors would be nice so you could easily see the color difference even within 3 pixels of cursor movement.

-There could be a button “Reset to defaul layer color” or something like that which reset the color of that specific layer to default color. Of course there then should be a popup window which asks: “Are you sure?”

-Weg page FAQ: “GTB allows you to play both as the attacker or defender in a battle. it also allows you to design your own unique units to use in either role, from a wide range of modules for weapons, engines, armor etc.” “I” needs to be capital I after dot.

-I hadn’t done anything, only looked at the Battle Browser and the next time I restarted my game and looked at my profile I had 35,410 experience. (See the picture filesmelt.com/dl/Experience_bug_01.png.)

-I went on the first mission and chose major difficulty and clicked the scenario difficulty with adaptive AI. When the tutorial allowed me to move around and with WASD, I got the debug tools too and when I clicked the “classic AI” button I had won before I had even started the the attack or even finished the tutorial. When the tutorial asked me to click on the “start battle” button I couldn’t press it because it wasn’t there any more. Only way out was alt+F4. (See pictures filesmelt.com/dl/Developer_console_02.png filesmelt.com/dl/Developer_console_03.png.)

-You cannot sort the stats list based on the buttons at the top bar of the stats window even the buttons are clickable. (See the picture filesmelt.com/dl/Button_bug_01.png.)

-It would be nice to see some kind of info or tooltips about the unlockable items what they actually do. Rate of fire and shrapnel are quite obvious but there can be items later on which aren’t so self-explanatory.

-The “updating” phase of the game after finishing a mission and clicking continue tends to lead to game ending in a loop or not continuing or connecting to the server properly.

-The clouds are a bit too thick. Also they could become more transparent as you zoom closer to the ground. (See picture filesmelt.com/dl/Clouds_too_thick.png.)

-REALLY FIX THAT ALT TABBING ISSUE. This is… maybe 10-20th time I have to alt+f4 the game in the middle of it.

-The sound splitting between left and right channel is quite harsh and steep. Balancing it so that more sounds are heard in stereo from both speakers for longer time would be nice.

-The information about units really needs to be in one specific order.
Good vs. WHAT
(Protected against WHAT) optional
Weak vs. WHAT
(OTHER INFO) optional

Not all randomly put together so you spend a lot of time looking for what attributes this and this unit has and at what it is good at.

-Also grouping units is important. Group mechs together, tanks together, infantry together and sort them in each group based on the price. Finding units from the scroll bar and placing units becomes a lot easier and faster this way.

-Some sort of hot key for unit placement maybe? Maybe right click option to add 10 units to your favorites which you then can recall by pressing 0-9 on your keyboard. Right click, select a number, done, show a star or something to indicate it is in your favorites.

-When pausing a game, alt+tabbing out and then going back into it by clicking the task bar or alt+tabbing in, the game is unpaused but it hasn’t moved forward at all.

-The end siren could be a bit quieter.

-The AI bugged out and the tank got pushed outside the path and it couldn’t get on the path anymore. I lost from a certain victory position. (See pictures filesmelt.com/dl/Path_finding_bug_01.png filesmelt.com/dl/Path_finding_bug_02.png.)

-It seems the AI really has difficulties with Elephant tanks and keeping them on the path. Two more elephant tanks lost their tracks on the path as soon as they took the lead. (See the video youtube.com/watch?v=-wTNNkvn9v0 (video is unlisted) and pictures filesmelt.com/dl/The_moment_path_finding_bugs_out_01.png filesmelt.com/dl/The_moment_path_finding_bugs_out_02.png filesmelt.com/dl/The_moment_path_finding_bugs_out_03.png filesmelt.com/dl/The_moment_path_finding_bugs_out_04.png filesmelt.com/dl/The_moment_path_finding_bugs_out_05.png filesmelt.com/dl/The_moment_path_finding_bugs_out_06.png filesmelt.com/dl/The_moment_path_finding_bugs_out_07.png filesmelt.com/dl/The_moment_path_finding_bugs_out_08.png filesmelt.com/dl/The_moment_path_finding_bugs_out_09.png filesmelt.com/dl/The_moment_path_finding_bugs_out_10.png.)

-For some reason when I record a video from the game, fraps says the FPS is 80 even it should be as low as 40 because fraps caps the frame limit there so the video clips I film won’t be as large as terabytes.

-Further investigation of the video reveals that the video actually was filmed on 40 fps with fraps even the fraps showed that the current FPS was 80. This needs to be fixed so that game let's fraps lower the FPS as much as fraps wants.

-There’s the same error on all tooltips on the sliders when you customize your profile picture. (See picture filesmelt.com/dl/Profile_bug_01.png.)

-The text in the tutorial and in the actual game is mismatched. (See picture filesmelt.com/dl/Text_error_01.png.)

-After restarting the same scenario, the game just instantly crashed.

-Add an option to have visible bars on top of units which indicate their shields, armor and hull so it is a lot easier to follow your units’ health levels and see more clearly where their health starts to drop rapidly so you can adjust to the situation more easily.

-Again the debug console popped up at random and I started clicking on the buttons. When I clicked render targets I got instant victory.

Aaand after that and alt+tabbing in and out of the game crashed it.

-I discovered holding left shift and D at the same time brings up the debug console. Might want to change the buttons to a bit more not so easily discoverable.

-It isn’t meantioned anywhere that double clicking quickly on top of an unit selects all the other same type of units on the screen.

-It is not said how you can cancel target designation from an unit.

-The only available mission online is crashing the game. First it freezes the menus and then crashes it as you hit alt+f4. There seems to be some popup windows on the background saying something as the game is being closed by windows but they only flash on the screen so it is hard to see what they say if they even say anything.

-Alt tabbing out let's you see what the message says. It says "Missing scenario file:.\src\SIM_Scenario.cpp 185"

-Aaand after clicking ok on the popup window, the game crashes.

-The serial code needs its own window so all “Let’s players” can show their user profile as well. Otherwise everyone else can see their serial code and it could get extremely easily and fast stolen because it is visible for everyone so clearly.

That’s about it for now. Most likely more will follow. (Yes the above text is 6x A4 sized papers long.)

What exactly does the “Getting daily pay” mean when the game launches. Sometimes this update or data gathering moment doesn’t end and it just keeps going on. When you alt+tab out and in it disappears. Same with the after battle data updating. There are some hiccups problems with it as well. It gets stuck in the endless loop in the same way and it never goes away. Thankfully it can be canceled.

-Shouldn’t the “Reset tutorial” button be actually “Reset tutorials” because there are multiple tutorials you go through.

-A pause menu when pressing esc would be nice. Then there could be list of buttons such as: “Resume battle, Options, Restart battle, Exit battle” and in the options there could be at least sound level sliders. It is hard to adjust your sound levels correctly in the main menu when you won’t hear any kind of reference sound how loud or quiet something is going to sound and from what distance.

-The white flash from the light laser cannon is quite intensive, maybe make it a bit more transparent and shape it more bullet like instead of round orb like as it is now.

-After a clean reboot of your computer and then launching the game for the first time after boot and going to a mission it feels like the game is running too fast and after adjusting the speed down to 0.2 and then adjusting it back to 1.0, the game goes slower then.

-Yesterday when I played the game, I was running on 80 FPS but today when I started the game again and checked my FPS with Fraps from the top right corner, my FPS was now 120. Something weird going on here. Why the FPS changes so radically all of sudden?

-I’m pretty sure the white text reads: “Victory targeted reached!” when you get enough units through.

-“Average per unit.” Average based on what? Per second? Per minute? Per 2 computing cycles?

-At times I can drag a yellow selection box by holding down left mouse button but most of the time this method just makes the view get dragged around.

-I noticed that by holding shift you get selection box when you hold left mouse button and drag your mouse over the view. This also isn’t meantioned anywhere. However, there’s weird issue with it also. When you release shift key, the selection box still keeps appearing on the screen for a few times before holding the left mouse button starts to drag the view around.

-Maybe tone down the fire effects on units a bit. For example, my supply truck had lost only 1/4 of its health yet it was having 2 fires on it already. Maybe let the fires start after unit has lost 1/3 of its health and when it has lost 1/4 of its health only smoke is coming out.

-The initial 1.0 game speed seems to be quite fast. I find myself often playing on 0.8 speed or even 0.6 speed. (I’m running the game at 120 FPS, it seems the game is forced to V-sync.)

-The nightvision cycles through its loop too fast and it gives a disturbed feeling of it. However, this could be related to my FPS which the game forces as high as 120 fps which is my monitor’s Hz value. But if this isn’t FPS related, could you slow down the cycle please? It gives me so ADHD feeling of this game.

-When you press P to pause the game and then R to show the paths then unpausing the game by pressing P again, the paths disappear too. However this isn’t the case when you press R then P then P again.

-Even when the minimap is hidden with its all buttons, you can still click on them.

-The night vision doesn’t turn on when you are placing an unit.

wow loads of excellent feedback, which is vastly appreciated. If you check the changelist topic you will see a few of the big annoying things will be fixed in tommorows patch. The other stuff I’ll be working on after that, and plan to fix all of it :smiley:

Okay. Nice to hear. :slight_smile: And yeah. I tend to have this “magical touch” when it comes down to finding bugs and improvement suggestions.

-It seems the field hospitals give way too much health boost to infantry. On this first night map enemy used laser infantry in the trenches and covered them with two hospitals. I couldn’t kill them with anything from there (with any scenario unit). Now as I’m defending and trying to do the same trick on the AI, it just steamrolls over me with 3 hopkins tanks and doesn’t even bother covering them with any heavier units. My infantry die in those very same trenches and enemy gets easily through where my even the most heavily armored tanks couldn’t kill even single infantry unit from those same trenches.

-(The roman numbers on armors aren’t correct. First is I then II but there’s no III but only IV which means 4 instead of 3.) Never mind the armor just wasn’t available for that unit.

-Jaguar Assault Mech is classified as a tank in the unit designer and when you try to load it, the file won’t open.

-It seems it is again classified as a mech. Maybe it has something to do with it being selected first for the unit designing and then loading Hopkins tank and Elephant tank and then the Jaguar again.

-It seems the same happens with Hopkins tank. First modify it in some way, then load another chassis, then load Hopkins again, then change chassis type to totally something different and the Hopkins file won’t load anymore. Only after exiting and entering the unit designer it opens.

-It seems when you load another unit and load again the previous unit you were modifying the modifcations are still there but you haven’t saved the unit even once so they shouldn’t be there. Instead the game should ask you do you want to change chassis and save the current modified chassis. Now the game just saves the file without asking about it from you but it doesn’t save the modifications to a file.

-Weapon Accuracy augmentation doesn’t do anything because it tries to modify value called “Weapon accuracy” but all weapons have only value called “Accuracy.” Same with targeting units. They also modify “Weapon Accuracy” even there’s only “Accuracy” value.

-I didn’t modify Hopkins tank’s file but yet in the game the comment on it has been copied from my Kirkson medium laser tank.

-The game doesn’t load saved comments on the units even they are there.

-I made a new heavy tank on the Heavy tank 1 chassis and I put plasma cannon on it. I tested it and as 1 of them made it to the finishing line, I got this error:
“Error:.\src\SIM_BeamLaserComponent.cpp 79”

I just want to point out that I like the sound enviroment of the game a lot. The music is really good and the sound effects too. Only minor complaint I can come up with the sounds so far is the augmentation pick up sound. Others are really good sounds.

i just changed that augmentation sound in 1.002, I never liked it either :smiley:

Alright. Nice, it sounds a lot better now indeed. :slight_smile:

-The text in the Battle Browser - Online tab is misaligned. See the picture: filesmelt.com/dl/Tooltip_bug_01.png

-The online map made by Cederic and called Barbecue Meltdown froze the game when it was loading / downloading and when the loading bar filled up to the middle of it. Unique ID is 10035. I chose to defend on that map and took scenario units.

-I think I wrote this in one of your blog posts but I’ll list it here also. Allow the game to make folders on your computer so that you can easily group your different armies together and also easily load them from there. This way you can have all kinds of themes for your armies and very easily and quickly find your favorite units. Maybe even make the game automatically group units under different class types under each unit when you save an unit there. For example if I make a folder called “Royal Army” and save a medium tank and 2 light tanks under it, the game would automatically add two new groups under the folder Royal Army called Medium tanks and Light tanks. Then I could open these virtual folders further and the medium tank and two light tanks would popup under them. These groups wouldn’t be any kind of physical folders but just groups within the game which it automatically creates. This would make creating different kind of armies with different kind of play styles, fighting themes and color themes very easy. Also finding units when you are loading them would be very fast and easy. Currently it is just a chaos. You have a huge list of units which have all kinds of names and you can’t remember at all what kind of units they actually were. Some of the units could be even temporary test units which should be deleted.

Exactly like in the window when “change hull” button is pressed. Just add renamable folders there and keep that preview picture next to the units list and voilà we have very nice looking, effective, powerful, easy to use and fast unit loading window.

-You cannot adjust the color brightness or saturation when picking the color. This makes it impossible to pick some colors such as some of the preset colors.

-There’s a texture rendering/cutting error which causes thin lines to show up on top of a medium tank chassis. filesmelt.com/dl/Texture_error_01.png

-Maybe add a color picker which you can use to pick a color from already existing color theme on an unit or a layer.

-For some reason I cannot save a turret called “152mm Dual Superheavy Cannon Turret.”

-Never mind, I can save it but the game never shows it when I'm saving my units nor does it warn me about overwriting already existing unit. This must be something to do with units getting saved "randomly" in two folders.

-It seems the ones saved in "My Documents\my games\GratuitousTankBattles\player_units" folder are the only ones which show up when you are saving units but when you are loading units the game reads both folders, my documents folder and the sampleunits folder.

-I tried Snow’s Assault map which UID is 10043. When I clicked Defend and Scenario units only, the scenario recording window popped up and there was nothing there. I clicked load and the game crashed leaving me with this error message: “Missing recording file:.\src\GUI_BB_RecordingLoad.cpp 100”

I guess the game didn’t download the scenario recording with the map.

-You cannot write commas “,” in the comments for online custom maps.

-The game really needs a replay button in the end of a battle or at least the game should throw you back to the online games list and highlight the previously played map.

-There’s a slight gap between the guns and hull of the Medium Mech 3 chassis. filesmelt.com/dl/Texture_error_02.png

-There’s a zone on the unit designer - customize screen where the Black-White slider actually has an area where red color takes over it. It’s marked with green border on the picture: filesmelt.com/dl/Unit_Designer_Bug_01.png

-I used Dunkirk medium mech as a template for my Cuttington and Houndon medium mechs and, as it seem the game is now set to group units together in specific order so that custom units are at the end of the list, for some reason my Cuttington medium mech swapped places with Dunkirk medium mech on the list even I didn’t modify Dunkirk mech in any way.

See the pictures: filesmelt.com/dl/Unit_Grouping_bug_02.png

-I think the mismatching and not correctly loading unit comments on unit desining causes the game to crash when you first load a map with units which have identical comments even they should be different, then you go to unit designer, load those units which had identical comments, write something in the comments field and delete it to be clean again, hit X to exit without saving, go back to unit designer and repeat this to the other unit which had identical comments on it. After doing this go to the same map and load it up again and now you can see the comments are different. Place both types of those units on the field which had identical comments and pause the game. This way I managed to make the game crash instantly.

-There needs to be a way to blend two different terrain types together more smoothly. Maybe do it the same way Valve’s Hammer map creating tool does it. With transparency and layers.

-Add dots in the end of names which are cut short. See the picture: filesmelt.com/dl/Text_error_02.png

I think that’s it for today.

Edit: I just noticed… copied and pasted tab moves and extra spaces don’t show up on my posts. I’ll have to start using more lines the to indent the notes which I have done later. :stuck_out_tongue: Thankfully the indents show up on quoting.

bug -Attempting to add a friend results in CTD, I didn’t catch the error message sorry.

improv -never, ever play that siren sound.

Improv -allow zoom out to show FULL map, even though that means some sort of black band to fill aspect… I hate having to scroll the map at the highest zoom out.

improv -exiting units which score should have some visual cue other than simply fading out. I know destroyed unit blow up real good but sometimes it is difficult to tell whether you got them at the last second or they scored.

After thinking of the FPS affecting the gamespeed, maybe you could a setting in the options where you could set the maximum FPS the game is allowed to reach. Simple FPS limiter because the game keeps running on 120 FPS all the time on my computer and thus speeds up the actual gameplay too. After I recorded a video with fraps on 40 FPS the game worked really slowly compared to the previous impressions.

Or maybe add a simple delayer in the options which you can turn on and off and which adds “loose time” between frames so even when the FPS is at 120 FPS the actual game speed isn’t affected and it is normalized to the 1.0x game speed. And when the FPS drops to 40 FPS the delayer starts to drop frames which the computer running the game can’t calculate in time to keep up with the game speed. This way you can get rid of the gamespeed being depended on how high or low your FPS is.

I attached my DxDiag file to this post so you can see the specs of my computer.
DxDiag.zip (8.72 KB)

One thing which I would like to see in this game is health indicators on enemy units. In the same way as you press H to bring up the health indicators for your units, by clicking on an enemy unit you would get its health indicator as well.

I doubt it would reveal anything important to you because you can already see does enemy units have shields or armoring on them when you click that “+12” button.

These health indicators would make it a lot easier to understand how damaged enemy units actually are. For example I have had moment when Hopkins medium tanks have been fiercfully on fire and on the other times they have just smoked a bit, yet both times these units were very close to desctruction. This way you could more easily redirect your fire to weak or critical enemy units which have to be shot down. If this feature was in the game already, I most likely wouldn’t use the “+12” button almost at all.

And it kind of feels like a basic function by now when you look at the all the tower defence games out there. Almost every single one has an option to show enemy healths.