Bug: retreating

While playing as the federation, and using tutorial ships, when i sucsessfully retreat the ships are not returned.

(i witness them warp out before the timer is anywhere near ending)

They might be retreating to a different world than the one you expect. Is that possibly it? or are they totally lost?

I had this problem less than an hour ago. No fleet icon anywhere. I was playing Fed too.

Had this happen earlier as Swarm. I only had one planet so I don’t think they retreated elsewhere…

Does the whole fleet go? or just some ships? I’m investigating this now.
If it happens again to someone, can you then go to the next turn, and then immediately quit the game, and send me to cliff@positech.co.uk, the debug file for that game, which is here:

\my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles\campaignprogress*savename*\debug.txt

The last few hundred lines should do it, if the file is huge.

Is everyone with this bug running version 1.48?

Ive seen this happen sometimes…its rare though. ver 150