[Bug] Room to Maneuver leaves some buildings unusable

I started a game to try out this new mode, and was presented with the following (see attached screenshot). There are two problems here, one of which should definitely be considered a bug as in the subject line, and another which may just be a balance issue or possibly “working as intended” even though it seems strange.

First, the isolated rectangular building which only has one plot to purchase (you may need to scroll down on the screenshot or open it in a new tab, the forum put it in a scrolling box instead of doing something intelligent like making a smaller thumbnail linked to the full size version, not that you really need to see much detail here). It normally has two sockets. Here it has one. Nothing can be done with this room. It is completely useless. Either it should not be generated in this game mode, or it shouldn’t have the second socket stripped out.

Second, the starting room has no sockets at all. Yes, I know there’s an adjacent room with two sockets, and there’s more than enough money to buy a half dozen rooms even without taking out a loan, but it seems very strange for the game to pick as the starting room one without even a single socket. (It would’ve been even worse if that rectangular room I mentioned first had been the starting room, because then I wouldn’t even have the option of not purchasing it.)

Needless to say, I immediately abandoned that game and generated a new one, but I figured you might be interested in this report so I took the screenshot first.

Yes, someone else also reported this. I will make sure every building has at least 2 sockets. The other issue of your first plot not having sockets is not such a problem I feel.