[Bug] Run and hit


  1. You are attacked.
  2. When the battle begins, you see an overwhelming fleet around 3 times the size of yours!
  3. You press ‘Retreat’.
  4. The next turn you attack the planet that was just taken from you.
  5. You battle a puny little fleet that is not necessarily even the same race as the mighty fleet that you just ran from.


  1. Your fleets all sit one planet behind the front line.
  2. The enemy attacks and takes a defenseless planet (presumably with a gigantic fleet).
  3. You counter attack and are faced with a puny little fleet (that presumably is not necessarily even the same race as the presumably gigantic fleet).

Are those red rings around a planet meant to indicate the enemy fleet size? Because they don’t seem to mean anything at all, even though the sizes vary.

The red rings just indicate the enemy holds that world. I’ll investigate the bug though

Would making the red rings represent a vague size of the enemy fleet there be a good addition to the game? It gives the player an idea of how big a fleet is at a planet before committing to an attack/deciding how much is needed to defend. As the enemy fleets grow, so too would the ominous red rings. Of course, only adjacent enemy planets would present their red ring size to the player (saving on programming work/the need to show a living galaxy of moving fleets). There must be some kind of fleet size calculation being done already, since that is how threat increase/decrease is calculated each turn (superior/inferior forces).

Yes not a bad idea at all. In the long run, given infinite work, the ability to construct surveilance craft / orbital arrays / ground facilities could do that…

I wasn’t thinking of anything extensive. You could just tie the ‘currentfleet’ value to a circle radius. So, for example:

encounterid = 12
territory = ENEMY
threat = 0.00
loyalty = 0.00
currentfleet = 185805.73
fleetboost = 150305.73
proximityboost = 0.00
freeze = 0.00
race = federation
turns_since_conquest = 0

circleradius = 1.858 (inches)

I presume that those red circles are dynamically generated and not bitmaps?

well they are dynamically sized, because currently they scale to the size of the planet itself * X.

make another ring overlaying this one then?
or maybe some sort of a different indicator… like dots appearing in a circle