[BUG(s) v1.12] Interracial Fusion

This one is weird.

First, the fusion beams for Feds and Rebels have different stats [BUG 1]. We’ll call them the Fed Fusion and the Rebel Fusion. I noticed this when switched from a Fed cruiser hull to a Rebel cruiser hull in the ship design screen. Before that, even, I noticed that the graphics for the weapons module kept their Federation look in the module inventory even though I was working on a different species cruiser [BUG 2]. This corrected itself when I moved to another block of modules, like engines, and then back to weapons.

I also noted that when I recreated Bug 2 above, in addition to retaining the Federation weapon picture, the fusion gun retained the Fed Fusion stats. Furthermore, when I loaded the Fed Fusion onto a Rebel hull, it remained a Fed Fusion turret [BUG 3?]. It gets a little weirder. I could now correct the graphic glitch (again by switching to another module group, and then back to the Rebel weapons), and at this point I could click on the Rebel Fusion gun in the module inventory and then click-n-compare it to the Fed Fusion version, which quite clearly demonstrated a different set of statistics.

I then saved this weirdo Rebel-Cruiser-con-Fed-Fusion. I restarted the game, loaded the cruiser, and the weird weapon stats remained [BUG 4? -ish?]. I’ll get back to you if I can confirm that the Rebel Fusion and Fed Fusion indeed confer different in-game effects.


I observed that there was a significant difference in reload speeds between the Fed Fusion and Rebel Fusion, both of which were mounted on the same ship, the glorious HMS WeaponErrorTest2. Which rocked the tutorial single handedly, by the way. I award her gallant crew no less than two gold star stickers for an adequate display of space gunnery.

^ the fed and rebel fusion beams are actually seperate weapons in the files. they’re just both named Fusion Beam. the interface oddities probably result from th rebel beam being flat out copied… xD

That’s an amusing set of bugs you’ve found. I think the very first one (different stats for Fed and Rebel Fusion beams) may not actually be a bug, though the fact that they have identical display names may be. The two weapons are defined in entirely separate text files in the modules folder and have different internal names (which are used to identify the appropriate modules in the ship design file you were able to load, explaining bug 3). They’re also different colors: Rebel=Yellow, Fed=“Greenish”. :slight_smile:

I suspect that all of the other issues grew out of the one you labeled Bug 2. There might be extra checks for race-restricted modules in some additional places to catch some of the other issues though, in order to keep the silliness a bit better under control.

I see! Rebels are the only race I’ve unlocked at present. I took a random sampling of other weapons and found no difference between the Fed and Rebel varieties, so I just assumed it was an error. Are there a lot of weapons which differ race to race?

There are a few other race-specific weapons, but they all have unique names. The fact that both of the Fusion Beams have the same name probably is indeed a bug.

I’m surprised this bug is still in the game after all this time (previous post is from 9/30/09).

I can confirm that in version 1.54, there is a “Fusion Beam” that you can unlock in the Fleet HQ and there is also a race-specific “Fusion Beam” (available to the Rebellion. Not sure if it’s available to any other races or not). The two weapons have a different color beam and they have different stats, so they are not the same weapon.