[Bug] Ship designs not deleting

  1. Enter campaign mode.
  2. Design a ship from within campaign mode.
  3. Return to the campaign map. Notice your design in the build list.
  4. Delete the ship design from within campaign mode.
  5. Return to the campaign map. Notice your design is still in the build list.

–PART 2–

  1. Go to mission mode.
  2. Select a mission and view the available design icons for fleet deployment.
  3. Notice the deleted design is present here also.
  4. Right click the design and select delete.
  5. Go to campaign mode.
  6. Notice that the design is now deleted from the build list.

what version of the game?

On hold until game can be reinstalled. Game version is currently V1.48. But there is the missing shield support beam file problem with my installation.

Can anyone confirm this ship design bug?

If your installation is in any way suspect then you should delete it and re-install a totally fresh copy using the full installer, to ensure you aren’t reporting issues that are a result of a missed patch.

Reinstalled the game at V1.48. The bug persists and can be reproduced as described.

How are you deleting a design from within the campaign mode?

Here’s what I do:

  1. Open a planet’s or fleet’s build menu.
  2. Click the ‘New D’ button. (Presumably ‘New Design’ but that’s all there is room for on the button).
  3. In the ship designer click on the ‘load’ button.
  4. Click the ‘X’ for the ship design that you want to delete.

Notes: Deleting automatically renamed designs enables the switcharoo exploit.
Deleting designs used in the campaign can break it and it’s save file (and other campaigns using that design).
A fix would be to internally save the state of all already built ships in the campaign (and enhance the security with a keycode comparison between saved ship design
and the matching keycode in the campaign save).
Software fixes won’t prevent people changing their designs via My Documents and doing a switcharoo with their existing ships in order to cheat.
Cheating is a problem because these fleets are getting uploaded to be used in battles with other players.

Completely preventing cheating is impossible in any game, but anyone who maliciously tries to spam the game with cheats will be banned. I’ll investigate this issue, thanks for the steps to reproduce it, I’d forgotten about the delete button in the loader :smiley: