[BUG] Ship not fully on deployment screen pain to remove.

I had a ship in one of the challenged that was on the upper left-hand corner that was nearly unclickable/undeletable I got it removed I don’t remember what I did other then trying mythotically clicking it and it eventually disappeared it was a frigate, and it wasn’t even fully on the deployment map either, that is how far upper left hand corner it was, anyways I’m just submitting this as a bug.

Also related to this… Some time ago I played a challenge, then I went to play a different challenge. The game obediently loaded the same fleet I had just used, but the size of the map had been changed, and half the fleet was off the screen. I couldn’t see them to drag them off the screen. All I could do was drag one of every type of ship for the race to the deployment area, double click it to select all of that type, and drag it off. Took a while… Maybe it’s fixed? Maybe there was a better way?