[Bug] Ships with (lots) of engines stop moving entirely

In the last round I played, “The Emerald Nebula” my ships stopped moving completely when they got to the middle of the map. I’m not entirely sure what caused it but I stuck it on 4x time and let it run a couple of minutes before I quit. The cruisers never moved within range of their guns or missiles. They’d occasionally fire at the escorts of the enemy ships. They were a bit close together but it looked like there was some wiggle room, and even ships on the end stopped. The enemy ships didn’t move either, and were closer to the middle.

They were mostly cruisers, with a few frigates on each end and in a formation that looked a bit like a crescent (

Chances are good you didn’t set their engagement range to be close enough. In the orders “max range” is the distance they will try to close in to, before stopping. If it is larger than their weapon range, they close in to that range, and don’t fire.

This is almost certainly the case, especially in Emerald Nebula where the map attribute is… -20% to all weapon range I believe?

Ah, thanks for the responses, guys. I’m pretty new to this and didn’t think it would be set so far ahead of the weapon ranges. Maybe the default max range for a ship design should be the longest range weapon aboard the ship?