[Bug] Stacking Shields

I built a cruiser that used 5 Shields, and deployed a lot of them in one mission. One thing that I noticed is that the last shield* in its inventory is inevitably the first to fail - often while the others are at or near full strength. So basically what ended up happening was that the last shield would get collapsed in an initial volley, while the rest where fine, and the ship would slowly take internal damage and die.

Now I can understand if it was a different shield collapsing each time, but that it happens to the same shield every time makes it seem that the damage isn’t being distributed as randomly as the manual might imply. The end result of this is that due to diminishing returns, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to stack more than 3 shields on the same ship.

    • The “last” shield refers to the shield that appears closest to the bottom right on the inventory display when you click on a ship mid-battle

Confirmed. They all take some damage, but the further down the list they are, the more damage they take, hence the last is the first to fail.

This is an indeed a slight bug, and will be fixed for version 1.37. Very well spotted, its a pretty small difference, but obviously it can just eb the final tipping point…