[bug] Starfield Glitch

On the Chaos Nebula map, I encountered a game-breaking issue - the background is completely white and the game runs extremely slow (my computer is normally able to run the game smoothly at full settings).
After trying everything I could think of, and searching the forums for similar issues, I finally found that disabling the starfield in the scenario file completely solves the issue - as far as I can tell the white background was the starfield going crazy (and slowing the computer down in the process).

Further prodding shows that moving the view area to the bottom right of the minimap reduces the issue, the closer to the top, and the closer to the left, the more the starfield renders horizontal/vertical lines instead of stars.

Zooming in on smaller maps that use the starfield creates the same issue.

Thats a new one. What video card do you have?

ATI Radeon 9200