Bug: Statistics Comparison

In the unit designer:

  1. Click on a statistic (e.g. ammunition resupply time).
  2. The game will display a comparison window.
  3. Move the mouse to other statistics and click on each of them.
  4. Observe the strange behaviour of the statistics comparison window.

I’m not sure what you are seeing? what’s weird? the window re-launches with the new stat data.

I…see…things. Others can’t see them. But I can…, I can see them. But they don’t believe me.


Start with a small statistics window, (e.g. Salvo size). Then click on a long list, (e.g. range).

eeek. Not sure why I couldnt reproduce that before :frowning:
I’ll fix it.

I hadn’t even realised that view was possible.

(I’d cheated, I mean, been resourceful, and looked at the config data on instead)