Bug? Tactical modules on custom challenges

I noticed when building a custom challenge, that I can limit the number of Tactical Modules via the supply limits screen. My understanding was that tactical modules were for internal coding and are supposed to be invisible and unchangeable to players.

I thought I should report this somewhere in case its a bug or something…

Its probably not a bug, just making it more difficult to design a ship. Like with the fighter powerplant restricted, you would be forced to use more expensive and/or heavier models, potentially making fighters a riskier gambit in your campaign.

I thought I had read somewhere that having a ship without a tactical module would crash the game…

I’m a little too chicken to try it.

In hindsight, I think I posted this in the wrong forum, but I’m not sure how to move it.

If you examine that module’s actual textfile in your GSB install’s Modules folder, you will see that the message attached to it states that if you can see that module in-game, it means that there’s a bug somewhere.

yup, this isn’t intentional, although I suspect it works just as a limiter to the number of ships.
Someone try it while I eat popcorn and watch :smiley:

tried… doesnt seem 2 do anything