[BUG] The Big Three Achievement for Steam


While I was trying to get this achievement I noticed that I have now have made a drug that has the three hardest cures to make (cures HIV, cures alzheimer’s and cancer vaccine) and i was wondering if this was on your part, made all different types of products(box,pill,cream, syringe, and the bag thingy) and still no achievement.


To get the achievement you do need to export the product. Did you send it out of the factory through a socket? It shouldn’t matter what type it is (Pill etc.) Could you post a screenshot, maybe I can work out why the you’re not getting the achievement.


Figured it out, in order for the game to count it as a valid pill that also pertains to the achievement you have to uninstall all mods, it just so happened that I had Big Rooms installed and that was what was causing me to not be able to complete the achievement.


Ah yes, that’s a pain. Well done for figuring it out.