[Bug] Tribe Cruiser Target Painter is Fed Beam?

See screenshot. The target painter module looks like a Federation beam cannon.

Well, that is definitely what the turret is mapped to through the various text files. So at least your computer isn’t what’s causing the error.

Hopefully Cliff will see this thread, have a ??? moment, and let us know if that’s supposed to be like that.

Did that change in the most recent patch? If so, I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s an unintentional leak from the Nomads, who are supposed to have kind of patchwork-ish ships.

It’s possible, but frankly the graphic for the module (in the ship info bar at the bottom right of the OP’s picture) doesn’t match the graphic for the turret, and that mismatch is plain old wrong (or at least it doesn’t happen with other turrets). If memory serves, the module graphic should be correct (seems like most races use the Fed turret for target painters); I could be wrong on that though.

I think it’s safe to say it’s a recent thing though, considering the volume of Tribe challenges out there and not a whole slew of people crying foul.

It’s not recent. The tribe ship on the background of cliffski’s blog has been sporting one for months.

Been discussed previously.

The new nomad target painter also has the wrong sprite, it looks like a plasma weapon.