[Bug] Tribe fighter hulks

alright, everything in the installer was good and smooth, so nothing went wrong there. anyway, i was looking closely at the enemy fighters (second tribe mission) and i noticed that when a tribe Sunset Fighter died, its hulk was the one that should be the Heaven Fighter. And the actual Heaven Fighters had no hulk at all. (I didn’t bother to see the other fighters when reporting this, so you might wanna check on those) EDIT: wait, the hulk was actually the DOVE fighter’s hulk. heh heh. it was also the dove fighter that didn’t have a hulk of its own. heh heh. oops. :wink: EDIT AGAIN: Dammit. I’m such an idiot. The Dove fighter has it’s hulk. But again, the Sunset fighters still have the wrong hulks.

Well spotted, I’ll fix it…

Ok for anyone who wants to fix this, just re-download the expansion and re-install. It’s the only change.

thanks. :smiley: