[Bug] Tribe victory getting Alliance flavour text

Just won as tribe… But got an Alliance victory message, the one about 6 legs being best.

EDIT: And just tried again… this time won with the message saying this was a glorious victory for the Alliance. Neither battle involved the Alliance on either side.

I knew there would be something. How annoying. Obviously this is a bug and I shall fix it. Dang.

I was told I will be shoveling out the space hives. :\ That’s what I get for throwing a quick fleet together.
Ship names are also from the Alliance. Maybe they aren’t all so hell-bent on exterminating bipeds after all? lol
The Howitzer appears to be using the Quantum Blaster’s description in the ship designer.

I fixed this myself. It is very easy to modify comms and racial victory signals.

If you go to your Gratuitous folder:
gratuitous space battles/tribe/data/races
you should find a standard text document called tribe.
Inside this document you will find:

0 = “Clap your Antennae! victory is ours. Award yourself another decorative insignia on your thorax!”
1 = “Well slap my exoskeleton, if it isn’t another glorious victory for the alliance. Nice work!”
2 = “Aha we are triumphant! More proof that six legs will always trump two, even in battle. Oh yes…”
3 = “Before you know it you’ll be collecting your six ceremonial platinum leg-bands.”

1 = “Hang your Antennae in shame! Your fleet is in ruins and you have bought disgrace upon the alliance!”
2 = “What have you done? How can you let some feeble bipedal species get the better of you like this?”
3 = “Gah! failure! This is no way to earn promotion. Return to your space-hive in disgrace!”
4 = “Any more embarrassing defeats like that and you will demoted to shoveling out the space-hives.”

I replaced these myself with some text I made myself. Replacing them in this file will not change the Alliance ones.
These are not official and I do not know if they would be acceptable, or similar to anything intended by Cliffski.
This is a simple copy and paste, remember to remove the Alliance ones. Remember to take a backup first.
If you wish to try, copy this:

0 = “That should teach those warmongering fools. Beaten by a rag-tag crew of hippies!”
1 = “You have soundly beaten the war-lovers man. Have some more Achenaran Weed.”
2 = “Holy smoke, you smoked them. I’d let you sleep with my sister man, I like you that much.”
3 = “Yo! That was quite the firework display. You sure you not one of them haters?”

1 = “I know we’re not supposed to like war, but throwing away our lives like that, sucks.”
2 = “What have you been smoking? Couldn’t you see that those ships were going to blow you?”
3 = “Think nothing of it man. Just take a smoke of this and it will all be better, yes?”
4 = “Man, you have got to be joking. You think ships grow on trees? Get out of here!”

I hope this helps solve your problems until it is fixed.

Cheers. I’m going to fix these issues today hopefully. hey, I got 99.9% of the stuff right :smiley: