[Bug]Turrets never die - Fixed

Zoom in on any ship.

Observe it as it takes damage.

Note how destroyed turrets in the status area are still visible and tracking targets in the main game area. Only they cannot fire.

When fully destroyed statistically, a turret should explode and be destroyed physically also.

I wish to bring this one up again because it looks so tacky. Destroyed turrets remain as shiny as when at 100% when they are destroyed. They still track targets. Only the complete destruction of the ship causes the turrets to be destroyed.

I’ve noticed this too, and agree that it would be nice if turrets would blow up when they’re out of hitpoints. Certainly it would be more gratuitous!

I agree with this also.

This could be handled by setting an explosion(s) at the Turrets location and having a damage map added to each turret location in the ships [ship name]_hulk.dds file, or adding a [turret name]_hulk.dds to every turret and using that when damage is taken.

Such a change would make watching battle damage much more satisfying, as well as improving the player’s ability to “read” combat damage to enemy vessels.

I#'ll definitely try and get something done, in the short term, the turrets certainly shouldn’t be still tracking if they are knocked out. I have this big thing I’m working on, and it will get done after that