Bug / unintentional feature?

Im not sure if this is the right place to report a bug, but there seems to be no “Bug report” sticky post in the forum nor any way to report a bug in a game client.

Why did I lose the game in this case? In the games “Player Guide → Basic Concepts”, it says that “…game cannot be ‘won’ in the conventional sense, only lost in an election or an assassination…”

I couldnt find any list of losing conditions in Democracy 4 and apparently the game wont tell me why I just lost the game, so it might be a bug?

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It says “retire to glory”

This means you used up term limits.

There is Term Limits policy, where you can increase amount of term limits.


Oh, I didnt remember that part… I easily could have changed that policy if I would have known that my game will end in X turns, regardless of election results. If there was a reminder, I didnt notice it.

Thanks for clearing things up for me.

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Maybe “next turn” button should turn yellow in last half (or last year) of last term.

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