[Bug] Unresponsive user input and performance degradation

Well, I am still unable to register on this web forum using my main email address, so I decided to use my secondary one. Quite disappointing xD

There are two things which make the game slightly less enjoyable for me:

  1. Sometimes mouse clicks don’t register.
    This behavior escalates significantly turning game into unplayable mess to the point it is impossible to perform double clicks to move machines. This is connected exactly to the performance issues.

  2. Performance.
    Game runs smooth’n’nice, but after a while (usually half of scenario) game starts to run really slowly. The more time passes the slower it becomes until issue with user input along with heavy lagging escalates to make it unplayable. Surprisingly, saving and loading the game cures lags and input issues for a short period of time. And there is very funny thing I observed: selecting belt painting tool makes lags go away while it is selected.

Dxdiag and game log: dropbox.com/sh/j26eg0y2pb8u … leWCa?dl=0

Very nice game. It was really hard to pull myself out of it to write this report xD

Very interesting. There could be a memory leak of some sort or perhaps something not as severe sounding but equally inefficient. There used to be a bug where a new object was created every time a sound was made but never deleted XD - so silly!

It’s very possible that there are still a few things like this in the game. I will look into it. Thanks,


I’ve experienced the performance problem myself. After like 4 hours of play the game started getting really choppy and laggy. I restarted the game after about 10 minutes of it and it went back to being smooth and lag free.

I have also had weird degradation, and I find that as long as the delete button is selected it works fine. The annoying thing is though after a certain point I was clicking 20-30 times before something would register. I love the game but I can’t handle the degradation, do you by chance have an AMD processor?

No I have an Intel. Yeah I totally get that an responsive game really spoils the experience. I’m going to dedicate next week to optimisation so not too long to wait for a better experience hopefully.

I came here as well for the same issue.

I completed almost all of the beginner levels before I noticed the issue, and it seemed to first happen (don’t know if this is coincidental) the first time I built a somewhat complicated factory. All the levels before I noticed this issue I had a maximum of ~2 production lines with 5-10 machines each, but the game in which it first occurred I had 30-40 machines on the map at once. This is in contrast to OP who claims it is happening after only half a scenario. Perhaps s/he is further in the game and therefore ‘triggering’ the issue more quickly (if it’s somehow to related to number of entities on a given map and s/he is placing more).

It would make sense because as I played the more production lines I build the worse it gets, but I don’t understand why pressing the delete button solves it, maybe it registers all the sold pills for some reason and the delete removes them temporarily?

I ran into the same performance issues.

After sometime playing the begins running slower and slower. If the game client is restarted the performance is back to normal but degrades over time again.

Besides that the game is great, sunken quite a few hours into it already.

I’m having the same problem, version 40.04. After a bit, the game starts to stutter pretty badly and has the symptoms you described.

Running a GTX 970 and AMD FX-8350, if specs might be related.

I would like to report the same issue.

The performance degradation comes with time, but mostly with the factory size. A single building with a few T1 lines degrades a bit. Expanding into the the second building and laying down an additional larger T2 line slows the game significantly after a while. Expanding into the third building and building there makes the game completely unplayable. I’m talking about a drop to what feels like 3 fps. And clicks don’t register at that point anymore.

So expanding beyond 2 building’s doesn’t really work, let alone filling a 3x3 map not to mention the upcoming 4x4. As people have mentioned before, the issue appears to be a bug rather than over all bad performance because saving and reloading the game brings the performance back to normal and than it degrades again within five minutes.

This issue prevented me from ever attempting to build beyond 3 buildings, so i have no idea how the performance would be after filling the entire map, but it’s possible it would need optimization evan when the leak bug is fixed.

Hi everyone. I’m replying (the publisher) because TIm(coder) is very busy working on this exact issue. We suspect there is some kind of memory leak somewhere and Tim is doing what he can to track down the cause this week and fix it. Once its fixed, all your copies of the game will detect the update automatically and let you download and install it.
Thanks for your patience while we investigate!

For now - Restart the game completely every time you finish a game. And consider restarting it every hour or so (or when you notice the slowdowns) That should keep it playable in the meantime, albeit a bit repetitive. :slight_smile:

Just to give everybody an update I’ve made some MASSIVE optimisations over the last couple of days which improve in the areas people are reporting IE Late game unresponsiveness.

I’m planning to put out an update this coming Friday (ETA 18:00 GMT 12/06/15) which will be via the in-game patching system.

I will post here again once it’s up.

For some reason the ‘Delete’ button also soothes the unresponsiveness. Due to the bug it does make moving and deleting nigh impossible, as I got stuck with in right click drag mode, and couldn’t change views from Production. It would register that it was changed at the bottom, sounds would be made, but the view stayed as Production. And it wasn’t just a static image, I could still move around and see things happening. I’d honestly recommend adding a Rotate button, maybe remove or change the right click drag mode, as it heavily interferes with removing.

Hi guys, sorry to bump this post. I own Big Pharma on GoG and use the Galaxy client which autopatches the game for me, but I am still having the same issue described in this thread. The longer I play, the slower it gets. Quitting the game and restarting it brings it back up to speed. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Hi Pyro, sorry to hear you’re having performance troubles. On the main menu, what version does it say in the top left of the screen? The latest version is v1.03.00.

Would you mind posting your PC specs? Thanks :slight_smile: