[BUG?] upgraded patent application speed

Think there might be a slight bug/display issue for patent application duration when patents
have been upgraded to level 3 (patent application speed 100% ->120%).

The lowest level patent still shows duration of 3 mo’s draft period (the same as non-upgraded)
but I think the draft period does actually get upgrade speed bonus.
Perhaps it is just a display/rounding error, I think it would be about 72 days, which to me,
should show 2 months, not 3.
(all the higher level/longer duration patents shows shorter draft period after patents upgraded

  • e.g. 6 mo becomes 5 mo.s. I haven’t’ verified how long they actually take for all durations)

Here is data from a test:
Jan 19 2015 - 3 mo draft period applied (12 mo. patent)
Apr 20 2015 - patent granted
(i.e ~90 days)

Upgrade Patent level 3 (patent application speed 100% ->120%)

May 9 2015 - 3 mo draft period applied (12 mo. patent)
July 24 2015 - patent granted
(i.e ~75 days, not 90 days)

3 months = 365/12*3 = 91.25 days -> 91 days.

91/1.2 (120% speed) => 75.8 -> 76 days.

Which is just closer to 91 days than it is to 60. The maths checks out but it’s certainly on the border between the two numbers. 2.5 months would probably be clearer! :wink:

Looks like you changed the Draft Patent Durations in V0.45.00 anyway, but thanks for the explanation.