[Bug V1.11] Ship Behaviour

Test Map: Tutorial (Only map without fighters)
Test Ship: Frigates with Frigate Tractor Beam and 2 x Frigate Pulse Laser.

1st Test:
Setup: Only order for frigates is to attack fighters.

Result: Frigates engage the enemy with the tractor beams. Other weapons never fire, regardless of range from the target.

2nd Test:
Setup: All 3 classes of ship are added to the orders.

Result: Frigates engage with all weapons. Tractor beams seems like they should not be used, since they do not appear to slow a ship but cause curious movement. Frigates seem to be pulled towards Cruisers rather than slowing them down. Ships sometimes cross over the top of each other.

In other news… If a formation leader gets stuck against an edge of the map by his formation members, they won’t move out of the way to let him go and everybody gets stuck. Occurs on survival when chasing fighters.