[Bug]Vanishing ships!

Cliffski, remember that thread where people said they tried to play your challenge, only to not be able to complete it because your ships simply vanished?
Well it happened to me… it’s definitely not the cloak module, and the ships definitely never reappear leaving the battle unwinnable.

What do you make of this?


This happened to me on Omnitronic’s Gaxlon Beta Pirates Challenge… and now it is happening every single time. I beat this scenario a couple of times, but now every time I play it, no matter what fleet I bring, the cruisers just vanish.

I can reliably disappear ships with this fit. The cruiser heavy plasma blaster hits do it when they hit (regardless of if shields are online or not). I don’t see any havy plasma shots in the video, though…

This bug is REALLY making me miserable. It’s very erratic, too - it comes and goes.

It’s giving me a HUGE downer because people who’ve sent me personal challenges occasionally get away from me on the basis that their ships vanish! And, some of my challenges to everybody do this and it makes me sad. ;_;

More on this bug here --> http://positech.co.uk/forums/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2475

Anyone been getting it in single player? I’ve ONLY ever gotten it on challenges.

Yes, Omnitronic, you no-cruiser challenge had quite a few of your frigates vanishing just before my missiles impacted.

But fortunately I killed enough of your fleet to win.

edit: sigh, happened with another challenge. How am I supposed to crush my enemies and hear the lamentation of their women if their ships vanish just before they are about to be hit? Another bug: instead of vanishing, one of the enemy cruisers kept keeping ‘pushed’ backwards when hit, and eventually was pushed off the map.

Just got it, it happened to me while fighting liq3’s fleet, hadn’t happened before. However, I had equipped my ships with Heavy Plasma Cannons before the fight, might be it.

This isn’t the same as the disappearing bug or the being-pushed-back thing, but I noticed that a frigate went off the lower edge of the map last night. It was still there, shooting and being shot at, but I couldn’t scroll down far enough to see it. It eventually came back when an opponent blew up and it needed to close the range to another. I was using 1280x1024 resolution.

Found something intriguing - it seems that any plasma weapon used against Valhalla type rebel cruiser makes it disappear when hits/miss, I’ve just played some battle which had loads of them and as soon as a shot flew past the shields the ships started disappearing, leaving frigates floating around.

This is very easy to reproduce. Place a few non-moving cruisers (i.e. cruisers with no engines, LOL) right against the corner of the deployment map. Watch as the enemy fleet comes to you and as their fighters and frigates manouver all the time off the edge of the map (where they still get hit and fire back).

It’s not a big deal or breaks the game in anyway. All it does is make a player go “WTF?” when there’s clearly units outside his field of view and he can’t scroll there. Perhaps allow the user to scroll a bit outside the edge of the map? That and/or make the maps just slightly bigger and not allow the player to deploy ships within a certain range of the map edges?

I’m looking at this vanishing bug right now, still trying to reproduce it on my PC…

I posted a private challange. The first time Legedi played it, all my frigates disapeared and all HIS frigates were still targeting them 0_o. Te second time it was bumper cars with plasma. Knocking my ships way off the screen

Not sure whether it’s gonna be helpful, but I’ve been able to narrow it down further - Cruise Missile Launchers (along with the heavy plasma as mentioned before) cause the ships to disappear, and for me it only happens on challenges. So far every hull hit has caused a ship to just vanish, it’s almost impossible to use the challenge system with my Rebel fleet. :slight_smile:

I’m fairly sure that when the ships vanish, the AI of ships who were targetting the vanished ships doesn’t update - it just freezes or something, because very often either they drift forward endlessly or they start turning in endless circles.

Aha I think I’ve found it.
Working on a fix now. The ship designs that get loaded from someone’s challenge arent calculating weight of the hull, so they weigh nothing and thus shoot off at light years the minute they get touched :smiley:

… @.@

This will pass into myth as the terrifying WARP CANNON OF THE BETA.

It’s history in the making. ;_;

Unlockable for 400k honor? :wink:

Oh dear god!

I wonder why there was a bounce effect where ships wouldn’t shoot off to oblivion but only shoot off a little like bumper cars


Although this strange bug has given me an idea for a special module. ‘Emergency jump drive’ anyone? I’ll have to remember that one when the community shifts from debugging to full on modding mode…

Update: Should be fixed in 1.03b.

Glad this has been figured out, maybe I can finally finish some of the challenges I want to do. Why did it only occur on some ships and not others though?