[BUG] Victory condition not updating at correct pace

Hey Tim, love the game!

Ran into an issue just now when I was making a run for Thicker then water.

I had a stable production chain (actually three of them) going for the sickle cell treatment, with about 17 months to go. The company stats page read around 24 total per month spread over two different drugs (one cream, one pill). With 17 months to go I figured it was in the bag but as time went on it seemed my progress on the victory meter was not going up nearly fast enough.

I’ve provided two screenshots here from later in the save after failure to reach master happened showing the company screen as well as the tooltip on the victory tab showing the current progress. As you can see from one month to the next it only went up by 10, though the company screen says I shipped out over 30 of the cure. For the record, the cures screen corroborates this amount of cures. Not sure if this is a bug on the reporting in the company screen, though I doubt it, just from observing the production chain it ‘looked’ (anecdotal of course) that I was selling at least 1 a day from the different lines so the company screen appeared accurate.

Hope this info helps!

Edit: Noticed that the forum chopped off part of the image. Here’s the gallery link where you can see the date as well. http://imgur.com/a/FCXG5

I too am stuck on this level with this exact issue. I think the rub is in the text of the goal. It says “Successful Combats Sickle Cell Anemia Treatments”. I think that means Cures as opposed to just treatments, which makes this level stupid hard.

I was on my second try for this mission and had unlocked the Chromatograph with like 19 months to go and was sure I had this in the bag. I set up a huge production line with no bottlenecks (2 Autoclaves and 3 Chromatographs) so that I could pop 1 of these bad boys out every day.

I only managed to get around 110 “Successes” in 19 months though. Thats 110 out of a supplied total of 570, slightly less than 1/5.

Tl;dr probably not a bug, just a confusingly worded, wicked hard mission goal

Update: Managed to clear it with master rank but just barely. The final month was counting down. I had to plan waaaaaay ahead. I had 2 full production lines up and running and full, waiting for the Chromatographer to unlock. I had the Syringes researching simultaneously (19 scientists). I started both lines up with about 15-16 months to go. Thats 2 full lines with no bottleneck so: 6 chromatographers, 5 syringes (didn’t have room for the 6th), 1 pill printer.

Also “Successful” apparently doesn’t mean Cured. I only Cured like 5 people out of all of those treatments.

I think something is definitely off/bugged here, as I had to be very near perfect to pull this off. It was more than challenging considering I had to go full ham to make the cash to float all the loans to support all the research to build and run (60 syringes/month runs at a pretty hefty loss) those lines.

Update again: sorry for the triple post, the forum won’t let me edit my previous ones.
This is not a bug. The wording of this goal is different and the difference is never explained. This particular level says “Supply x Successful Cures”. The “successful” part can be determined by mousing over the drug’s Cure Rating on your company screen.
It will give a breakdown of how many units you’ve sold (white text), the number of people the drug has helped (green text), and how many side effects it has caused (red text). “Successful Cures” = the number in green. This will not always be the same as the number sold, even for drugs at peak concentration. Some drugs just never reach 100% effectiveness.