[Bug] White turret with no description

once, when i was going to make a hull, i noticed the seemingly random module that appears in the module details part of the screen that appears in the ship design was a white square, with no description and absolutely no stats.

Maybe this could be a sighting of the infamous Tactical Module? Check module_default.dds for confirmation :wink:

no, no, i already looked at the tactical module, and what i saw wasn’t it. besides, it was just a white box with no text AT ALL. the tactical module has an actual design, and has a description. this thing had none, and i couldn’t re-select it.

this could be a mod bug, OR it might be a symptom of the change race/ edit ship from deployment screen bug, which should be fixed in the next patch.

no, the only mod bug i had with turrets is gone now, (i fixed it :D) but i do agree with the deployment screen bug part. i think that’s the problem.

Well, lol i’ve got the same ‘error’:

I think the cause is indeed modding related because when I openend the Ship Design one of my models was active.

yep, that’s the one.