[BUG][WIN] can't place machines via menu select - v1-00-04

I can’t place machines when selecting the machines with the menu in the just released v1-00-04.

The menu for “basic” will show evaporator, dissolver, etc. but when I select them the menu closes, the “delete” menu highlights and I can’t place the machine.

I learned I CAN place them when I use the key bindings to navigate the menu (e.g. 1, 1).

Similar for pillmaker - “maker” menu closes and “delete” is hghilighted, but I can navigate w/ the key bindings (4, 1).

scenario: Intermediate:Big Money

The root of the bug is probably actually in the key bindings for “delete”.

I had checked if I could bind delete to something other than “mouse0” or “mouse1” ( I could not), but didn’t “apply changes”.
It turns out however, that once I’ve clicked that binding, no matter what I do (“cancel”, “apply changes”), that key binding reverts to “mouse0” before the window closes. So now it appears I’m stuck with it.

I’ll try to manually find and edit the setting in the saves/global.data file.

I’ll post this under a different Title in case someone comes across the same Key Binding BUG.

Was able to remedy the problem by modifying the “global.data” (or by using key bindings correctly).

I had expected a drop down for key bindings and forgot I could just enter my chosen key. Entering something other than “mouse0” for that binding fixes the issue.

Still consider it a bug, although much more minor, that selecting the “Delete” binding but not entering anything, even when “cancel” options, defaults to “mouse 0”, which is problematic key to have binded to “delete”.

I understand, I should make it so that the mouse keys cannot be binded. For future reference, choosing a binding, then hitting escape will set the binding the nothing.